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Christmas Special - 1 For 1

Christmas is around the corner, we offers buy 1 free 1 drink if you order during 5pm to 7pm, in this whole December!

Delicious Fried Cauliflower

Do you like Dijon dressing and sunflower seeds? These little babies will play with fried cauliflower and make your taste bud excited and happy.


I have been visiting this restaurant a lot of time. Excellent and friendly service, absolutely the best restaurant to be when you are nearby this area. Thanks for the staff for being so amazing all the time!

Jessica, Entrepreneur

I really love all the design in this restaurant, it’s like those minimalist hdb interior design, it will make you feel like home. Plus the tasty foods and drinks, and the happy hour wine. Recommended!

Cindy, Interior Designer

I like the coffee, the standard is extremely high. The place is very spacious with minimalist design. The only downside is that the steak I ordered was medium, but actually is medium rare.

Kenny, Sales Manager